Monday, March 2, 2009

Bar-Winged 'Prenjak Putih' Prinia

Bar-Winged Prinia [Prinia Familiaris] or Prenjak [Putih] as it is its name in Indonesia, belong to Family: Syviidae, adopting the note of Martin Strange, it has length about 13 cm. It is distinguished from other prinias by two bars in its wings. I do not know how to describe its sounds [in English], but according M. strange, the voice is: an explosive and high-pitched twee-wee-wee.

Well, the sound is the core point of this article. Can you imagine what an amazing sound is that?

Mr. Strange absolutely has done the detail survey to this species, but I could make note that one of his statement in his book 'Birds of Indonesia' was not really true: 'on Bali it feeds on rice in the family temples'. Yes, I could said that, because commonly the birds lover in Indonesia knows and it is well known that these birds will consumes insects only. It is very difficult to teach them to consume the industrial bird food products, so, to feed them with something like rice is very impossible. The Sparrow may did that and he saw those sparrows. But I also will say, if that thing is really happened, the prinia must be very hungry and got a huge starving feeling ... hahaha... [btw, nothing is impossible in the world, right..?]

Anyway, I had have this bird kind for many times before and for the note, I had specific condition for collecting and caring this bird: they has not to be an insects consumer only, they must take consume the industry made bird food also. The reason why I state this, because sometimes I am too busy with my job, my work, I can not always looking for them the insects from the market or the bird food seller. So, in emergency case [while I'm too busy] they must consume what is in the cage I prepared the daily diets for them. For if they are not to do that, they will not survive then.

Commonly, this bird can sing several type of songs. Usually about 5 [five] different songs, that was the common intelligent capability of this bird. If the bird was tamed since baby's age, about 3-5 weeks and never hear heir original song from other bird, they will adopt the sound of other bird they heard everyday. The sound must be closely the same to their own voice type. By the way, I ever heard a prinia, in a birds event/exhibition, which could sing the Yellow-Vented Bulbul's songs. Damned, I really feel very surprised that time... and of course, the owner put a high price on it when I asked him the value for that if he would like to sell it.

In Indonesia, usually the birds lover have this Prinia for the mastering purpose. The mastering has a meaning that the birds for the contest in Indonesia shall has various sounds, so this prinia will be the patron for the contest birds to duplicate its sounds.

Once I had found a bird, the prinia, which had amazing voice, so loud, the songs were unique and the bird was really dare to sing, challenging the other birds. That was when I used to work for a project in Bojonegoro in 2007. Unfortunately, the owner seem doesn't want to sell it. Baahh... made me really feel over disappointed.

I ever had a very good quality prinia, once in 1995, in Splendid Bird Market, Malang. I have to pay Rp. 60,000.- that time. That was a little bit higher than its common price that time. But it's o.k. for me because the bird was very dare to sing in the crowd and always singing. It also not too difficult in daily diet, fulfilled my specification I mentioned on above. Unfortunately, I was the one that quickly get bored to something I had for not so long period. I sell that bird when I got interested to other bird and I changed it.

Until today, I still hunting, looking for a quality prinia every time I had time to be spent to birds market or in friend collections. The picture I present on above was the Prinia I had today. It has a good song, an original one but not the common song. Usually they had single song to be repeated, but this one I had could sing two different voice to be repeated. That's why I collected it. It was a special one.