Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vintage Relief Carved Cages - 8 Chinesse Gods

Surprisingly, I found this vintage carved cage from a friend who had a store in the bird market. It is a rare stuff. Someone, a bird lover and also a cage collector is selling some of his collections. Some of them were put in his store for sale. I was just falling into the feeling that it is a must have cage! It is very truly unique, classic and really classy. This cage is seems a product of 90's era. Look at its carving appearance, even the carves it self doesn't shows that is not made by a real quality carver, it framed by a line, leaving a space in the edge, a plain space is available left after some crafting made by fine saw in connected square and round/circle modules, as we oftenly see it in the ancient chinesse carving. Surely the type is following theme of the carving: Chinesse Gods - the 8 prime gods. I used to have so many kind and so many type of the Chinesse Gods carving cages before, since the early of 90's. Those cages are product from Malang, Jepara, or other places. There is some details are always seen that becoming thew, a character of a carver and also from its origin that applied in the carving cages. Smoothly I can make a guess to a cage by defining the character and its appearances.