Friday, August 7, 2009

Bird Food Seller

The picture on above is a common profile picture of bird food seller in Indonesia. Some of them may has smaller scale, and some of them are bigger. They survived along the crisis, as they live from the birds lover demands for feeding the birds. They will always exist as long as the bird lovers are exist. The place usually looks terrible, close like a skid row.

There are so many varies of the item they sell. Some bird foods are can be stored for days, some will be spoilt and out of date within 24 hours and some will stays longer than a month.

As seen in the picture, the two wooden boxes in the front are container for Crickets. One of the important insects used for extra fooding by birds lover. Especially for the exhibition or championship purpose. These crickets can be stored for couple days in the box.

The other important insecta is 'Kroto', the [Big] Ant's Eggs, as its purpose is same as cricket. It can be seen in the picture stored in the shallow and wide wooden box behind the cricket's box, in a higher rack. This ant's eggs is often becoming rare, as the ants habitats also becoming smaller, the trees that fits its ecosystem is getting rare also. This ant's eggs also quick to become spoilt, so this food is prepared in daily basis.

Some birds lovers believe that Grasshopper will relieves the bird's sing ability. So, one or two places provides this bird's food, but usually it is only available during the rainy season.

Worm, Maggots & Helminth. The [soils/ground] worms also available for feeding. Some kind of maggots are ready in stock. This worm & maggots can be stored for weeks, look how they store it in shallow boxes in high stacks.

The most common fruit always available in the bird's food sellers is Banana. Usually only one [white] kind of Banana used for birds food.

Bird food made by factory also available in there. The brands are varies. There is so many factory's product for bird food. You can not remember all of those brands name.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Orange Headed Thrush Sings & Dances

I have made articles about Orange Headed Thrush and posted in here couple months ago. Including severals pictures and 'silent' video capture. Certainly, it was unsatisfied, so I put couple 'very short' videos of Orange Headed Thrush [Punglor Merah]. The video shows the Orange Headed Thrush while in actions, it is singing & dancing, like a drunken bird. But I think it still will not satisfies you based on the video duration, which is very short.

The bird is always singing everyday. From the morning to the evening. Its voice is very loud. The sound is crystal clear. Its dance style is good enough. But the style is not an 'up to date' dance style, as many people today prefer to look for the rapid movement dance style. It is weird to see how people can turns their mind set all the times regarding their mode to the bird exhibition for the time being.