Monday, February 25, 2013

Serinus Mozambicus: New Kid on the Block

Here are the pictures of the 3 months old juvenile of Green Singer, from the last breeding season before the molting period in the end of last year. The bird is very good in its physical condition, in addition that it is a single chick of a nest, it got the blessing that the singing ability is very excelent.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Vintage Carved Cage from China

It was a lucky day when a friend of mine told me that he has been asked by his little brother to sell one of his cage collection. The subject is a cage, carved cage, made by a Chinese carver - a master in his special skill, made from bamboo material (surely we shall know that it will the best well treated bamboo in the world, if it will be used for cage material). The cage is an used cage, in good condition and it seems that this cage has been re-conditioned. I did not check it in detail anyway. It has a story carving, telling about the Monkey King, or Sun Go Kong in Chinesse. The finishes was in brown, a natural color that always be my favorite one. I pay the price he asked, surely after a little bit forcing to have a discount :-) i take it home. Took a little while to watch it, feel amazed and wrap it into a plastic cover to protect it from the dust. Since I do not know for what bird I will use this cage (in case you did not well informed, Hwa Mei, the purpose of this cage for, has not been introduced to Indonesia no more since 2000), so this cage been stored in the warehouse for many years. Surprisingly, once I checked and looked one day in the warehouse, some cages has been damaged by the rats attack, this cage was freed from the rats. I do not know why, maybe it is becasue of the round shape of this cage. Actually, this cage was my favorite one, but it is very sad to say that I never had a chance to use it for my favorite bird, the Melodius Laughing Thrush (Hwa Mei), is very difficult to be found in the market today. So, this cage will be still stored in the warehouse until this day.The carvings are very adorable, amaze me, always ... I think the carver must be very talented and well experienced. The proportion of the body shape, the captured acts it presented, the details proportion, the story telling, everythings were great. A master piece. I think oneday I'd like to visit the place where the cages like this are produced and get some new experiences and knowledges about how to make the cage like this.