Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Challenging Things

First time I re-started my hobby, Ornithology, in Malang, when I was a student in my fourth year in Institute, after I had stopped having and caring birds for a few years before. It was early 1993. That time also the early days of the birds market named Splendid was opened. The seller had to move their birds from their old place that time, re-located, as instructed by the local government. This is what I remember.

The place was not fully occupied yet, at the first day I came to the place. I started to buy one or two birds and started to know each other with some bird seller. I remember those days I bought White-Rumped Shama or people used to called it Murray [Copsycus Malabaricus], Orange-Headed Thrush [Zoothera Citrina, as shown in the picture], Straw-Headed Bulbul [Pycnototus Zeylanicus]. I also still remember that the Orange-Headed Thrush was the first one I have of the kind I never had before and it was the best one until today, which I never ever had a chance to have the same quality like that again. Until I spent a lot of money, took time to find, with a zero result. Today, I still do regret why I should sell that bird. As I do remember, it had a lot of good song that came from other bird’s songs it replicated, lot of variances, brave to sing in any conditions, loud sound, very smart to record and duplicate other bird sound in short period and other good things from a quality bird.

The time being, the bird market had grown about three times bigger; it also means that the cash flows are getting bigger. It had peak around 1997 until 2003. The transactions seems goes down in early 2005, as the bird influenza became an issue and swept down a lot of bird lover interest, closed the gate of the imported birds and so the opponent [exported]. In addition of that, government also released some warning and regulation about the bird influenza, which restraint some bird’s market interest. The economic also took influence in 2005; the global oil rate gave impact.

This place also became the parameter of the Canary birds trading, covering the price/rate, the demand, the producer, etc. This market also was the biggest Canary center in Indonesia as many people in Malang became the Canary Breeder. They had distributed the product to entire cities and places in Indonesia, especially to Sumatera through Jakarta, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Bali as the biggest Canary consumer.

The weather and climate in Malang was very good and gave optimum conditions for the Canary breeding. It also supported by the social condition and behavior, where the people, especially the ornithologist and not least the opportunist [the pop up breeder] were running the small to large bird farms.

In this current date, the biggest cash of the birds trading were come from the trading of the Canary birds. That was the fact today. Just check it out. You can also get a very fair price of the Canary bird in Malang, especially in the Splendid bird market where the Canary birds are collected and pooled from around the town and countries.

Visit the market as I told the story on above and prove it… it will be a good experience to you. I guarantee that. Do not forget, I suggest you to come in Saturday and much better in Sunday, when the trading volume and the stock are fully larger. Good luck in hunting a quality birds in there… [ups, you can make contact or call me if you need further more info ... hehehe.]