Monday, June 13, 2011

Leaf Bird (Cucak Hijau) - Chloropsis Aurifron

In the earlier essay, the same topic, about the Leaf Birds, I have to say that this bird species has several sub species, which they have a little bit differential in the color of the feathers and minor in size. At least there are 2 kinds of this bird in Indonesia, one origin in Java and another one is in Sumatra. I have collected those two kinds just to get their pictures to be presented in here.
The first 2 pictures are showing the Leaf bird of Sumatra origin. They are a little bit smaller in size, about 100 mm and it is relative and varies. One common different colors are the yellow [green to yellow] in the front part of head. The black color at the throat [only appears on cock/male only]is the same with the Java Leaf bird, except a pair of blue feathers, mustache shape, continuing the beak line and this color won't seen clearly, as it place in the black feather's color as the back ground.
The major green color also different, seems a bit of magenta color also appears, and also yellow, mixed with the green. This bird is singing very often, better than its closest brother in Java. The sound variation also better than the other one. Unfortunately, its songs could not be too long, generally, they used to sing the short songs repeatedly.
The bird also better in copying other bird's songs. Very smart and more intelligent. All its songs seems duplicated and generated from other birds, it is rare to hear its original songs, which very specific.
The next two pictures are showing the Leaf bird from Java origin. We can see the colors of the feathers are different than the previous Leaf bird. The green color is closely just like 'leaf', pure green. No blue feathers appears at the throat. No yellow color at the front head part. It is also seems bigger in size than the Sumatra origin. The most valuable thing is, it has a very loud sound. The songs it sings also little bit longer. In the birds competition, this kind also has more fighting spirit, which push them to sing better. For the time being, the Java origin Leaf birds are the most favorite one, better than the another Sumatra.
It is very interesting to know that some leaf birds has several different color variations to each origin. Decades ago, some bird importer had introduced Leaf birds comes from China. This bird is more colorful, much prettier than its relatives in Indonesia, has different shape and function of beak. The beaks are closely looks like the nectars and honey eater, rather than fruits or insect eater. It is common to teach them to consume factory bird food, besides the fruits & insects,in Java and some birds may could adapt in its behavior. But this is rarely could happen to the Leaf birds from China, purely they only consume and eat insects, fruits & honey [mixed with water]. They also sing very often in a long song. Today, we could not found any Leaf birds from China, since the importing or exporting from China is stopped. The picture of this bird is shown by clicking in here.
The last picture is showing those both birds are in the bathing cages, before their daily sun bathing while the cages are cleaned up. It is also shows the different colors between them in the upper part [seen from above]. Unfortunately I have decreased the picture quality due to easier up loading, but this matter also have decreased the pictures quality itself. The right one is from Sumatra and the left is from Java.