Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amazing Carved Cages from FOCUS

Well, this time I visit the birds market, Bratang, in purpose of buying a bathing cage, as the old one started to break, exposed by daily sunlight and wet by daily water spray. Straightly I go to my pal in there and ask him where I can find the cheapest one. He is the owner of a Bird Cage & accessories shop, named Focus, one of several cages shops in there. As I assisted by him, quickly I get a cheapest one from his friend in there.

I also found out that in his shop there are a lot of new relief carved cages just arrived. The cages are coming from the fabricator in Solo, the most famous city which producing quality cages.
The first picture, the cage he offered to me, I think I was a little bit interested to have it, has no columns and just depends on all its bamboo bars. The carvings shows a theme about a lot of naked girls, absolutely a very naughty mind from the carver. The crown also carved in the same theme, in multilevel shape. Too bad, the carving or the relief result was not as good as the other cages, not too good in detail, especially this relief style is realistic shapes, which requires high standard of shape proportion and best in details. But anyway, this one still be a master piece in regards of the theme idea, which very unusual to be applied in a cage for bird. :-)

The second picture shows a round shape cage, seem the size is fit for the Orange Headed Thrush, Magpie Robin or Green Leaf Bird. The relief has theme, which telling the legend about 300 Gods [Chinese gods, legend from China]. The relief size is small and in good quality. The details were good. The finishes also looks good, shows the shape and the shades in between dark and light/bright. The crown, the door and the accessories [mounted for the perches] also carved in the same theme, this absolutely is a must that the whole cage should be carved in the same theme.

The third picture shows the same the theme as the previous one, about the multi gods but it is more detail as it is referred to how the seller call it: 500 Gods .... Whoa ... when I asked him to bring it in front of me as I wanna see it more closer so I can look the detail, so I just got the prove that it is absolutely has detail in its relief carves.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Birds Exhibition - 3

This time I was asked by a friend of mine to attend a Birds Exhibition, located in down town of Surabaya. The place is very comfortably, shady and leafy. It feels like in the country village side. The area is wide, as it is very difficult to find a best space in the city. There are several tents available, some tents are used for the Birds Paddocks, the rest are used for cafes. The area is the bigger space with a higher and bigger tent, surrounded by bamboo fence a meter high. Two ponds were located at the arena side. I asked to a guy in there for an info and I found out that there were fishes, so I think I can go fishing also during the waiting time. :-) This place used to be a place of a local bird club in here. The used to gather in here, do the 'exercise' for their birds in daily basis and on the weekly basis they make this event, the local area birds exhibition. The first picture shows the pre initial class for Orange Headed Thrush. The participant used to start the class by warming up their birds, by put their Orange Headed Thrushes uncovered on the plain floor, closely and dense. The birds will feel the provocation. So, in several minutes later, when the classes is started, they will fight hard by shows their dance style and best songs and sounds.
The second picture shows the initial class course. The participants are starting to hang their birds in each available hanger based on their ticket's number. The EO prepared several steel ladder chairs for stepping up. I was asked by my friend to bring one of my birds for this event, he insists to bring an Orange Headed Thrush. I said to him that I did not have time to spend a little bit more for caring them at these last months, nor the sun bathing in the morning, so I doubt this time we will win any class we parcipate. I see him has brought his White Rumped Shama, a new one, which he had bought last week. This time I see the participants who came to this event are not so much, but it is much better cos the place will not be felt too crowd to me.
The last picture shows the class of Orange Headed Thrush. When the birds is at its maximum effort, it dances like drunk, moving its body from the left to the right recurrently. They used to follow when someone is waving hand on to it. So, you can see in the picture that there is someone doing the hand waving, looked weird, try to instruct his bird to be more attractive. I feel fun when I am watching doing those weird acts ... hahaha. Anyway, everyone has their own way, their own method and their own style for going to be the best. And they have the right for doing that.