Monday, November 2, 2009

Singing Finches for Sale

When you have decided to buy birds, it is now the time you made a promise, a swear, a commitment that you have to have time to be given for those birds. It can be couple minutes, hours, or depend to what kind of bird you have, how many birds, what kind of cage, what is the purpose of those birds are for, etc.
Taking care of the birds is different matter than just to feed them. It is a complex matters of caring the birds. Start from the feeding, cleaning the cage, checking their condition, etc. Absolutely, it takes time.
Once you think you can make it, you decide to give some of your time for it, continuously in daily basis. But, as the days goes by, time has changes your daily basis schedule because of so many other things in your life. When that happened, you realize that you may not be able no more to take care your birds again. So you decide to sell your birds or give your birds to another person who can take care of it.
This is what happen to me now. As I have very bussy for doing my job, the birds looks very terrible. Less of attention. So, now I have to decide to sell a lot of them. Some of it were Black Throat Canary/Yellow Rumped Serins, Grey Singing Finch and Yellow Singing Finch. Those three birds used to be a patron birds for my other singing birds before. I feel uncomfortable for this, coz today, it is very difficult to find quality finches birds in here. some may available in the market, but ussualy they are only second grade birds and useless for any purpose, you can not use for the breeding purpose and some time they do not want to sing no more. Too old or too fat. Regretfully I say and still I have to do this.
If you want to take over it, just check these birds and see their pictures in this link:

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