Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A New Love Bird

I tried not to have love bird again, that's what I have promised to my self. But I failed! :-) I just got tempted when I buy bird food in a seller around my neighborhood. I have seen something interesting, when the seller said he had bought a package contained pairs of breeding love bird. I asked him to show those birds and he also informed the price of each bird.
So I choose one of them, the kind which I never had before, the Rosy Faced Love Bird (Agapornis roseicollis), as seen in these pictures. I choose the cock, as I thought that the cock will sings more often than the hen. Actually, it is very difficult to recognize which one is the cock, as Plumage is identical in males and females. So, I think I have to see the size, the most easier way, as the hen is bigger than the cock. It was the most wild and twitter. And I prove it as the good singer, 24 hours after it arrived at home, it is singing very often, from the dawn 'till sunset. Never stop a loud and a constant chirper.
Next visit, the same seller recognize me and he then inform me that there is a hen that already laid several eggs, so he convinced me to buy it. So, I pay it, but since I don't have a breeding cage [the reason is, I will try to re-start to breed love bird again, since I stopped this in 1999], I leave it to him for a week until I have time to prepare the cage/buy the cage.

After a week, the cage is ready and I took it home. Next day, those love birds becomes pairing.
Since this time, I feel a little bit feels noisy in the morning when the pair of lovebirds in start to sing.

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